I’ve still got all of Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday in Wellington, but I’m getting kicked out of the flat tomorrow afternoon and have spent all of today frantically scrubbing black mould with bleach.

So I may die in the night from noxious bleach fumes.

I don’t want to try to cram everything into (especially when I’ve got two-ish days of awkward goodbyes left) this one deathbed entry.

That said, I really, really love this place and it deserves more than one statement regarding what it has given me.

First of all, there’s nothing more strange possibly in the entire world than saying goodbye to a human being that isn’t dying but that there’s a good chance you will never, ever see again.

Not that I haven’t done this before. In high school I said goodbye basically forever to a lot of people, but they weren’t people I particularly WANTED to see again. Not bad people (well, some of them were bad people. In high school at least), just people I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see again but wasn’t too concerned about. I’m still pretty close with the people from high school that I knew I would want to see again. Or at least communicate with them on a regular basis.

And I’ve had friends who moved away recently, off to grad schools or jobs or whatever. And I said what was basically goodbye forever to them. But again, there was still the assumption that the very important ones would keep in touch.

And none of those people lived on the other side of the world.

Flatmate Michelle went back home while I was in Australia. So we already had our goodbye. And it almost didn’t seem sad enough. Like I was still operating under the assumption that in the future, we’d spend time together. Thanks to the wonderful, wonderful internet, we’ll probably still keep in touch. But the likelihood that we’ll ever be in the same room together physically again is small. Which is very, very strange to think about–I like Michelle, I would like to spend time with her in the future, but I may never see her again for the rest of my life.

Obviously the same goes for the people I’ll be saying goodbye to over the next couple of days.

But it also goes for New Zealand as a whole. Particularly Wellington, but New Zealand in general as well.

I like this country a lot. I’m a little bit in love with this city. And I suppose, in order to make it through the night in situations like this, even if it turns out not to be true, you have to tell yourself that you WILL actually see these people, these places, etc. again.

As the song goes:

Or if you like, because almost everything is made better by ukuleles:

This is all a bit too sincere for my liking.

Oh, wait here’s a joke!:

The good news is, in spite of that song, as far as I’m aware none of the people I’ve met in Wellington are going to blow up.

Yep. A bad joke AND a movie reference. In your FACE, sincerity!