I wrote out a real, long update but it’s saved to a Word document on my computer and I can’t figure out how securing time on the hostel I’m staying at’s internet works and I am in no way motivated to ask them about it at the moment. So I can’t put it up yet but it IS extra-long and will possibly be even longer by the time I get it up. And that’s not even with pictures/videos thrown into the mix.

Anyway, I’m on holiday until the 12th and since I really, really hate being on holiday (especially when, as in this case, I am traveling 100% alone) I want to complain about/mention a few things:

1) I’m in Melbourne, Australia and if you want to know what I’m doing here the answer is: sweating. I’m doing a whole lot of sweating. It is very, VERY hot here.

2) I’m staying in a co-ed dorm room in a hostel with a pretty nice guy from Colorado and three Germans, one of which seems nice, one of which seems perpetually surly, and one of which seems to have spent all day today in a fort he made out of sheets in his bunk. I’m convinced he’s in some sort of K-Hole.

3) This whole situation makes me deeply uncomfortable, as you may assume.

4) There’s a magic shop around the corner from the hostel which is a ridiculously good sign to me (there is absolutely no way to make this sound normal but: I’ve wandered into many a magic shop in my day and I tend to have an instant rapport with street magicians).

5) There’s also an all-soup restaurant. I really, really love soups. So obviously despite the heat that’s where I’ll be having dinner tonight.

6) I ate a kangaroo the other day in spite of my strong moral vegetarian convictions. It was really fucking delicious. And cajun-style, not unlike James Carville.

7) I really don’t know what to do with myself during the day. I am really, really bad at being on holiday, as mentioned. I hate tourist attractions but I get bored of just wandering with literally no aim. And I don’t want to be stuck in the dorm with the German Guy in his K-Hole. So.

8 ) Is it completely weird to refill a water bottle in the bathroom sink? I mean, it’s all the same water and it’s safe to drink. But I still feel like the seemingly-infuriating other girls in the hostel would disapprove.

That is all. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to give you a real update soon. But for now it’s time for soup.