I’m trying to dredge up non-awful looking full body shots of me in the space costume. Until then, here’s my space get-up, yearbook-style:

I just...blue myself.

I just...blue myself.

Voted least likely to succeed.

I ducked out super-early (which is to say: as soon as my drink tickets were gone).

Frankly the whole thing was a little uncomfortable. It was clearly a cast and crew party that the volunteers where invited to as a show of good faith. People gave in-jokey speeches, everyone looked really amazing and was outgoing and charming and funny.

Let this be a warning to you: never spend time with theater people. You’ll only end up feeling inadequate.

One of my best friends is an actress and every time I’m around her I get the feeling that it’s a great privilege that she choose to pay attention to me at all. She’s so charismatic and fun and funny and attractive, the fact that she chooses to and enjoys spending time with me is consistently shocking.

She makes a great zombie, too

She makes a great zombie, too

I love attention (obviously: I have a blog), but I’d gladly yield the floor to this lady.

I can’t abide such nonsense in people I’m not basically hetero-life partners with, though. And they were only serving champagne and cheap beer, neither of which I’m crazy about.

And I’d already embarrassed myself by a) attempting to dance and b) trying to make a joke about that Ting Tings song that’s basically just a list of names (it didn’t go over well). So I went home early. And I didn’t get a good story out of the party.

Well, okay, here’s one: it was about a half hour walk from my flat to the bar. I got a few stares, etc. as was expected. But one guy looked me straight in the eyes, glared, and shook his head as if I was the greatest source of shame known to man. It was awesome.

I’m entering into my last month (slightly more than, actually) here. It will be a wistful, if exciting month to say the least. In early November I’ll be in Australia, seeing Arj Barker with a friend and then tooling around Melbourne and/or Sydney all on my lonesome.

(Jesus, I need to get some freaking friends.)

I leave you with my new favorite piece of graffiti, since the cat graffiti is gone forever. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

The Toast Graffiti

the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

the most beautiful thing in the entire world.