I’ve been shockingly lazy about updating…a personal blog that is in no way actual work.

But I have a good excuse! I’ve been volunteering as a program seller at the World of Wearable Arts. I’ve been spending just about every night of the week looking like this:

but slightly less blurry

but slightly less blurry

I got to see the show for free, too. I think I mentioned this before, but the World of Wearable Arts is basically a two hour fashion show where the fashion…is sort of like an even less practical form of haute couture.

I watched it last night with another program seller. A French girl who brought her own bottle of wine which she poured into a travel mug and drank throughout the show. Since this is her “I am attending a formal event” behavior, I’m very excited for the wrap party tomorrow night.

It’s space themed. I crapped out and rented my costume. Here’s a taste treat:

blue hair =  space?

blue hair = space?

More to come.

Some time last week I went on a sort of blind half-date.

Look, if nothing else this blog should be a warning to ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE in the future. Do NOT go on dates with people you have never met before in person. It’s just a really terrible idea.

I don’t know how to describe this guy except… sometimes, you meet a person and you start talking to them and after about five or ten minutes, you get the impression that they’ve probably got about 20 GB of anime porn saved to their computer. And not just normal porn but with anime characters. WEIRD anime porn. The kind with tentacles and plotlines about haunted bras that attracted an undesirable element and so on (my freshman roommate used to watch anime porn with her friends the same way normal people watch old B-movies).

We had a shared interest in movies (especially old kung-fu movies) so I thought I’d be able to overlook this. Not the case. Apparently some people watch kung-fu movies for intricate plotlines and character studies with some kung-fu to spice things up every so often. These people roll their eyes when I tell them about Ong Bak and how bad ass Thai boxing is (it’s pretty bad ass).

I’m all for in-depth analysis and discussion of film. But if you’re bringing up kung-fu, I am going to talk about the original Drunken Master and how awesome it is. I might even bring up Twin Dragons. I’m sorry, I tend to like my movies about bad asses beating up other bad asses to mostly be bad ass.

He also spent a good 10 minutes basically rattling off Genghis Khan’s Wikipedia page. I don’t know why. There was no context. I think he might have said “I like history,” to which I probably responded “Oh really?” which he took as a cue to begin reciting random but generally commonly known facts about Genghis Khan.

We went to see Funny People (which is pretty much great, by the way), which is about 2 hours long (maybe 2 and a half? I don’t remember and it’s not important). That’s not a big deal at all to me, but (we’re keeping in mind: I am INCREDIBLY critical of everyone and am very picky about who I choose to spend my time talking to) his comment after the movie was “Not bad for something that was 2 hours long.”

This infuriated me for reasons I can barely describe. “Look at the time!” I said, and it was only about 9:30, “I have to get up for the vegetable market tomorrow. Nice meeting you!” and turned into whatever the next street was as quickly as possible.

Speaking of uncomfortable situations, I don’t know if I ever mentioned my raucous night of drunkenness wherein I ended up meeting several people in their mid-thirties who, whenever they were told my age, responded with extreme discomfort even though they’d shown no interest in me thus far and were very clearly talking to me as a means to get in good with my attractive 25 year-old friend.

I guess it’s not much of a story. Except for that. Which was annoying. But I got some free booze out of it, so it automatically counts as a successful night. Right?

Hopefully my eventful evenings will provide more thrilling narratives in the near future.