I make no claims of weight loss or increased health since arriving in Wellington despite the significant increase in walking.

That said, I HAVE noticed a distinct change in the relative size and shape of my calves.

I guess what I’m saying is: every day in every way I look a little bit more like an R. Crumb lady

guys like that, right?

guys like that, right?

Have been lazy with the updates. Obviously.

BUT my volunteership with the World of Wearable Art is next week, so armed with only a pair of ill-fitting pin-striped pants and a regulation sequin-covered top hat (I am required to wear this), I will have many an uncomfortable encounter with Wellington’s rich snoots and fashionable folk.

On second thought, I should probably try to find some pants that fit me correctly.

I’ve been feeling a lot more subdued lately.

And have been listening to a lot more Mr. Lif, as the title suggests.

Exciting adventures aren’t exactly abound at the moment. It’s more like fulfilling naps.

I promise stories in the very near future. But right now, I think I’d rather fall asleep listening to This American Life for the millionth time this week.

bed, bed, bed, bed, bed.

bed, bed, bed, bed, bed.

(it looks a little like I have a fake half-a-moustache here.)