Yesterday I went on the first of my “blind friend dates” with a nice-sounding lady who works in a cattery and hasn’t been bothered to make friends since coming to Wellington. We went to the zoo, and it was only mildly uncomfortable.

The following things occurred:

1) I fed a giraffe leaves from my hand.

I scratched her scruffle-y chin afterwards. It was satisfying.

I'm the one in purple and grey.

2) While I was looking the baboons through a sheet of plexiglass, one of them walked towards me and shoved its butt up against the glass.

It stands as a reminder: Baboons are Dangerous.

3) I spent the whole day thinking this girl’s name was something different than what it actually was. I still can’t remember if I ever addressed her by the incorrect name.

4) I overheard a school boy taunting the lemurs. In a ridiculous, mock-posh accent: “Why HELLOOOO! How are WE today?”

5) I am about 65% sure the girl I spent the day with is a member of a (non-dangerous) cult. I’m 100% sure she’s the member of a something…I’m not positive it’s a cult.

It’s Landmark Education. I did some Googling and couldn’t get a straight answer. But now I get banner ads for Scientology. If anyone’s got any opinions on Landmark Education…send them my way.

The cat graffiti which I believe I’ve mentioned before was painted and the graffiti’d over recently. Which was horrible news for me! It was one of my favorite things in the neighborhood.

Yesterday: accidentally started outwardly laughing when I caught a guy on the street literally nuzzling a stranger’s cat with his face after he secretly photographed it. Had to make a quick getaway before he said anything.

Today: next door neighbor and I made extended eye contact while he smoked weed on his balcony and I surreptitiously stole raw dough while baking cookies.