Today was supposed to be my first day of lectures (my exciting upper-level New Media class that I was shocked to be allowed into at all) but naturally, it being me, things didn’t go so well.

I got lost. Very, very lost. The lecture hall was hidden in an underground dungeon. Which I couldn’t find because I got very, very lost. And didn’t realize that I was on the wrong side of the road. Because Austin College barely takes up a city block (and that’s including dorms) and the idea that I might have my classes in a building ACROSS THE STREET was mind-boggling to me.

I missed the entire lecture. I was busy searching for the dungeon the entire time.

The map of the campus looked a lot like this:

I still havent found that elusive Tyson building

I still haven't found that elusive "Tyson" building

I did eventually find the room:

I DID have to slay some demons with that sword along the way, but they were all inner-demons

I had to slay some demons along the way, but they were inner-demons

Naturally, with ten minutes left before the class ended, I decided the best course of action was to stand in the hall and fret about what I was going to do next. And fret I did, until the class ended and I decided I was too much of a nervous little coward to approach the professor to get a course outline, explain myself, beg for forgiveness, and do whatever possible to prove that, despite the fact that it took me over an hour to find a single room, I’m not a COMPLETE idiot.

I jolted up the stairs and went home. Thankfully, on the way I ran into one of my flatmates, who assured me that the course outline would be online so I would be free to wallow in terror and self-pity without having to worry about anyone else finding out about what a complete fool I am.

Three somewhat lighter notes:

1) I have discovered where (allegedly) there is a comic book store in town. Thursday or perhaps Friday I will investigate. This is of the utmost importance, as I have convinced myself that the final volume of Scott Pilgrim is due out this year. (It’s probably not.) It’s also significantly more comfortable to be in a city when you know it’s got a respectable comic book store. That said, I’ve only confirmed that it was still in existence as of 2004. It COULD be gone now.

1a) If you haven’t read any of the Scott Pilgrim series, get on it:

look for it in the best comics ever section

look for it in the "best comics ever" section

It’s about a guy (Scott Pilgrim) who wants to date a girl, but must first defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends in battle. It’s filled to the brim with super-hip video game references, etc. but at its core is an earnest emotional story. It’s the Spaced of the comic book world.

1a-a) If you’ve never seen Spaced, then I don’t know what to tell you. The whole thing’s probably on youtube. Search for it. Before there was Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead, there was Spaced. It featured my favorite female TV character of all time (beating out Elaine AND Lucille Bluth AND Liz Lemon), Daisy Steiner. There’s a link to a clip in the sidebar. Simply put: a fantastic show.

2) I accidentally referred to the money as “pounds” today. Thankfully the only people around to hear and mock me were my flatmates. For the record, New Zealand uses the guinea, but it is referred to as the dollar. So it’s not like I have to change the thing I say to refer to money. I’m just confused by anything non-green meant to be exchanged for goods and services.

3) Some bits of important lingo you should pick up should you choose to pretend you are a New Zealander for some reason (POUND is not one of them):

a. dick – the most common insult used by every New Zealander I have met thus far. America hosts a bevy of insults, but over here people seem to stick to this one.

b. sorted – whenever anything is finished, it’s sorted. i.e. after paying for groceries at the supermarket but before heading home, one might say: “Right. Shopping: sorted.”

c. good-o – good job. I don’t understand this one at all.

Right. Blog entry: sorted.