Friends and others, thanking you for making your way over to this, my blog for my several months stay for sun, fun, and limbo beach parties Wellington, New Zealand.

Keep in mind that there will be minimal sun as I am averse to the outdoors and it’s winter in New Zealand. There will also be minimal fun as I am (if nothing else) a consummate pessimist. I’ll provide pictures of the limbo beach parties as they develop.

It’s probably more accurate to say it involves hard work, studying, and limbo beach parties, but that hardly rhymes.

Sorry this page looks so crummy currently. I’m just now figuring out what exactly a computer is, but hopefully in due time I will have the single most amazing-looking free WordPress blog any person could even attempt to imagine. That is nearly 100% guaranteed to happen. I definitely won’t completely forget that I wanted to make this thing look less crummy and just leave it as-is for the whole of its use.

If you’re a stranger, I invite you to stick around but with the knowledge that you will get absolutely no joy out of reading this whatsoever.

Expect more irrelevant 90s sitcom references, bad puns, pictures of me dressed as either a hobo or Charlie Chaplin, uncredited quotes from cartoons, sad news about how bad I am at doing most things, life stories, and of course links to youtube videos in the weeks to come.